Trump Is NOT Banning TikTok Because This Comedy Is TOO GOOD TO BAN!!

Not to launch on an entirely dark note, however I need Trump cared about the pandemic since he does concerning TikTok.

So… Trump managed to induce TikTok to divest into some U.S. company in 3 months with no actual evidence that TikTok was a federal security hazard, however we’re seven months and also 200K deaths in to the pandemic and also we STILL DON’T HAVE consistent screening or testing which will protect us in MORE unnecessary deaths?

Cool beans. )

Anyway, to observe the very fact thousands of employees and founders probably wont lose their income at the exact middle of a world wide pandemic (view more concerning I said”likely” at the end of the report ! ) ) I needed to comprise the three most humorous reports I found this week: Chris Olsen & Ian Paget, Manon Mathews, also Leenda Dong.

Chris Olsen & Ian Paget • 4.6M followers (@olsennchris & ianpaget_)


remark your fave lineup @ianpaget_

♬ Act 2: In the Hall of the Mountain King – Edvard Grieg

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Since Keeping Up With The Kardashians is end – I discovered that the PERFECT individuals to fulfill the emptiness: Ian Paget along with Chris Olsen! This homosexual couple has their own different TikTok balances where they move forth and back playing with funny pranks on eachother while (intentionally and unintentionally) embracing their healthy relationship predicated in strong communicating and hope. Frankly – those two obtaining a reality display is just what the planet (along with also the LGBTQ+ peeps) require right today.

asking my boyfriend if “are you just going to sit around all day?”

“I just hit your car” challenge

“My mom is gonna be here in five minutes” prank

Manon Mathews • 1.1M Followers (@manonmathews)


Which are you? #fyp #foryou #gross

♬ original sound – Manon Mathews

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Manon Mathews is tactfully funny and awkward. She started Vine with parodies of both Bella out of Twilight and it has ever since that time generated incredibly-relatable, viral, and also awkward sketch humor that built her an enormous following on just about any stage. Psst – Saturday Night Live – why not throw her yet!?

When you’re in the middle of the saddest song but then it pauses

June & George: Pool Boy

Stand back from my pup

Leenda Dong • 869k followers (@yoleendadong)


#duet using @ashleynewman I’ll never know lolli pop #lollipop #candyshop #candycane

♬ FLY by StillLonely on SoundCloud – EliNotEli

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If you’d like Tosh.0 or even Ridiculousness, then you are definitely going to ADORE Leenda Dong. She creates”dumb” viral clips witty along with her sassy spoton commentary. Periodically, she’ll need a rest from roasting viral clips into One Take skits which may cause you to laugh (and feel attacked). I can not wait around for her to receive her very own viral clip talk series.

the girl who got stuck in all of her shirts

you have to stop telling your friends you’re on the way

what a cute stingray – I hope nothing bad happens to it


So that Sunday, TikTok is advised for”banned,” but in case it will, it likely wont survive long.

If you missed the past couple of posts, then here’s a quick recap: Trump chose (without signs ) which TikTok had been a national security hazard because ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company)”could” provide user data to China – that again, there isn’t any evidence that it’s (or may ) happen, also TikTok has openly said it wouldn’t provide data to China.

Howeverthe Trump Administration found a legal loophole that’s enabled them to prohibit TikTok to the premise that it”could” offer data to China, and without due procedure or signs – Trump has left 2 Executive Orders:

  • The primary arrangement gave TikTok ninety weeks to become acquired by way of a U.S. company or even the program will be”banned” – that means TikTok wouldn’t longer be for sale from the program shop and not to be upgraded. But in the event you presently have TikTok downloaded, then you will proceed in order to utilize TikTok normally.
  • If the very first order was not met, then your next Executive Order goes in effect: total shutdown of TikTok on November 12th, 20 20.

Microsoft and Oracle chose bids to acquire TikTok, and Oracle came from the winner.

So waitwhy is TikTok being potentially barred on Sunday when it’s being acquired with way of a U.S. company?

As of now (September 19th, 20 20 ) Trump has given the partnership between TikTok, Oracle and Walmart his blessing, however we’re still awaiting the paper work. Hence that the ban continues to be place to occur Sunday, but will probably soon be raised if and as soon as the paperwork is sorted out at that time. (again, the banning will only avert new downloads and upgrades into the program – when you’ve the program – you also wont observe any changes).

Basically, the ban was a likely unconstitutional means to quickly induce TikTok (an program with more than 800 million users and a net worth of more than 78 billion dollars), to be acquired with way of a U.S. company, namely Oracle, that will be handily owned by one of Trump’s richest assistants: Larry Ellison. It seems (and looks) like that ban is about averting a possible national security threat and also much more about creating a profit.

If TikTok does not adhere to Trump’s requirements (whether the details of the arrangement are fair), also does not win its own litigation from the Trump Administration, TikTok loses what. Of course, when TikTok finishes, it is not only”cringe” adolescent dance videos which evaporate: tens of thousands of TikTok employees and TikTok founders will reduce their income at the center of a worldwide pandemic.

Moving forwards, certainly one of three below matters might happen, and I’ve listed them in order of what’s most (and least) going to take place:

  • Oracle along with Walmart spouses together with ByteDance and shows precisely the Trump Administration which TikTok is nolonger a”potential national security threat,” and also TikTok lasts business as standard (p.s. Oracle, Walmart, along with Trump clearly wants TikTok to carry on being profitable since it is going to make sure they are $$ – more inclined than this is the way things will perform )
  • ByteDance rejects the venture from hopes they win their own current lawsuit against the Trump Administration (when TikTok wins the litigation, the Executive Orders and also prohibit will be mastered and be obstructed )
  • ByteDance and Oracle are not able to arrive at an agreement which suits the Trump Administration’s federal security concerns, and the program is closed down to November 12th.

Cool beans (I figure ).


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