This University Has A ‘Draw Danny DeVito Wall’ And I Want To Enroll

11 October 2019

There are a lot of admirable Americans out there, but there is only one Danny DeVito. And I think that we all know he’s the one true king of American icons. Which is why we’re all so enthralled — no, dare I say, enamoured by him. That’s why there was even a petition to get him to play Wolverine, which, hey — what happened to that? I need this to happen, WE ALL need this to happen. But I digress.

DeVito has inspired more than just petitions, he’s now inspired art. In an academic institution, no less.

The smildly interestingyinteresting contains exactly that: Things that are mildly interesting. Although I take some issue with this particular post, because this isn’t simply “mildly interesting”. This is goddamn glorious.

At Mystery University in Unreeditied City, a reddit user posted this most magnificent sight:

A Danny DeVito drawing board.

One of the buildings has a wall where you can draw and post a picture of Danny DeVito

Like I said, I don’t know what city this is in or which university this is, but wherever it is, it deserves ALL THE FUNDING. Because what’s a better way to get young academic minds going than by encouraging this kind of art!

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