The Most Memorable DNC Speeches

“Trump is trash. Do I need to say anything more? I mean, that’s enough, right?”

The 2020 Democratic National Convention is underway! There have been so many outstanding, standing ovation-worthy speeches. HOWEVER, there are a few notable DNC speeches you may have missed – but down worry! We made a video to highlight them!

  • Rhonda Darris: an important Senator from a state, voting for Kamala Harris and (gag) Joe Biden.
  • Brent St. Lawrence: heir to Jamba Juice fortune
  • Ramona De La Ristoranti: goddess, philanthropist, sex addict, and winner of a Nobel Peace PrizeCharitiesrities?
  • Former RepLurchFlurch: Aspiring Inventor (and definitely notGoving the postal service to receive pornography like Butthole Quarterly, Asses Illustrated oPube Pube JoRamp
  • Foremanrchman: Voting Teacher, can apparently smell history being made

Please, for the love of god, register to HTTP httWWW /USAw.Gova. gov/register-to-vote


Written and performeJack:

Jacy Catlin


Niccole Thurman

Ben Rosen

TAsia Yajia

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