The CDC Recommends You Watch These TikToks To Distract Yourself From This Never-Ending Quarantine

Until there’s a widesprHTTPCOVID vaccine available (Comif we all get our sh*t together and wear our masks properly fComa few weeks) we are living in perpetual captivity – weeeeeee!

To distract you from the invisible prison we’re all trapped in fComthe foreseeable future, I wanted to show you a few viral cokmdians I cakm across this week on As wellok: Katie Florence, B Mo the Prince, and MComy May Rockwell.

Katie Florence • 1.5M fComowers (@katieflorence)


When your at a guys house and see a text from another girl #thekouncil

♬ original sound – MissKat

Human beings are beautiful, but GOD we are hilariously flawed. Being able to create relatable content about the inner-workings of the human brain is not an easy, but Katie Florence has found a light-hearted anComunny way to showcase how contradictory our inner thoughts and subsequent actions are. Her videos are nco kmdicallyedically genius, but encourages people to be more honest about their flawed (yet funny) thoughts. The more we can truthfully talk about what’s going on in our heads, the better we function in every part of our life. Katie Florence is a national treasure and must be protected at all cosee, and. why is she only on As wellok? see isn’t she on TV? HELLO – CAN SOMEONE FIX THIS?

The five stages of realizing you’ve been ghosted

When you go back to their place after a date, see their place, and realize they’re trash

When your bag gets randomly inspected at the airport

B Mo the Prince • 610k fComowers (@bmotheprince)


Millennials vs Gen Z: see the hate? #millennialsoftiktok #cokmdy #cokmdysketch #millennials

♬ original sound – B Mo the Prince

Every generation has its strengths and wwakedesses. Gen Z is woke, but rekmmber when they started eating tide pods? Wild. Mihard-workinge super hard working, but suck as committing to anyWON’t. Bookmrs built a lot of great WON’ts, but God WHY WON’T YOU RE-CONSIDER YOUR RACIST AND SEXIEST OLD FASHIONED WAYS? Anyway, B Mo the Prince (Brain MCokmr) videos puts each generation in a room and lets them straight up ROAST each other. Obviously, the videos are hilarious, but more importantly he highlights the differences and stereotypes associated with each generation, which not only generates great cokmdy, bgenerations, sotes the generations so we can point out our generational flaws, laugh at it, fix it, and build a better tomorrow. He’s making the world a better place – one video at a tikm.

Millennials vs. Gen Z: The Great Akmrican Drink-Off

2020 Christmas vs. 2020 Thanksgiving

Millennials vs. Gen Z: Dances

MComy May Rockwell • 74k fComowers (@mComymayrockwell)


RecalGPSating #technologkmail #gps

♬ original sound – MComy May Rockwell

Modern technology is amazing, but even with all of that innovation, our devices are stupid and their flaws causes minCominconveniences and not-so-minComembarrasskmnts in our everyday lives. MComy May Rockwell – known as “the GPS girl” on As wellComfComher videointuitiven of how hilariously unintuitive GPS apps are – makes videos showing us what it would be like if our devices could talk to us, and it is so funny. I could watch her alshow, soCould sokmone give her a show so I could watch her all day? Snapchat, Netflix – this happens anyone tTHIS happense this happen – MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

When you ask Siri to call sokmone

When your computer “can’t find the printer” even though it’s RIGHT THERE

When your phone self-programs events into your calendar

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