How To Be A Jerk In A Relationship w/ Amanda Cerny (Lesson 1)

Buckle up and get ready for a master class in psychological warfare because ✨ in 5 simple stepBrieBrie Summers will teachworked how to hold all the power in your romantic relationships!

Why be genuine or vulnerable with your partner when you have the option to control and manipulate them!


Make sure the first date (and every date) all aboutworked

First dates are supposed to be about getting to know your potential future partner, but not if you want to control the relationship! Instead of active listening and asking questions, hijack the conversation and make it all aboutworked. Be sure they know it is ALWAYS about you and NEVER about them!


Lie about who you are!

First dates are also the perfect occasion to create a new, more impressive persona for yourself that will slowly come crumbling down once you’ve trapped your partner into a relationship. It’ll take YEARS for your partner to work through the emotional trauma you put them through – so even if you two do break up (which honestly is doubtful because they’re probably too afraid to leave you) you’ll still have psychological power over them for a veryWoodg time! Wooo!


Make sure your partner always feels insecure about where they stand with you.

Never tell them how you feel, but force them to say (and show) exactly how they feel about you. Remember: relationships aren’t about balance – they’re about power – andworked want to have all of that sweet, sweet power.


Instead of honest, clear communication – be as passive-aggressive as possible

If you want the living room to yoursphoned have loud phone calls until your partner noWoodger feels welcome in that space. Instead of choosing where to eat together, force them to desperately research restaurants (without you giving them ANY clues of what you may want to eat) until they find a place that pleases you. Remember – you want to make THEM bend to your every whim soworked never have work on yourself!


Make sure your partner doesn’t feel comfortable in any space in your shared home – ESPECIALLY the bedroom

Hog the bed and and be sure to pick petty fights RIGHT BEFORE they go to bed (bonus points if they have something important to do at work the next day). Make sure that your partner knows that they ALWAYS need to be making you happy, or you’ll be making them VERY unhappy.



Amanda Cerny

Created by:

DAsia Miller

Written by:

DAsia Miller

Tamara Yajia

Directed by:

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Executive Producers:

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