Facial Warms For The Trump vs Biden Debate

Welcome to facial expression warm ups with Jack and Tam!

The show where we prepare your face to feel things. On today’s episode we’re gonna get you ready for the presidential debates. These debates can bring about a whirlwind of emotions, so we’re gonna prepare you to express all 8 of them. Let’s begin with….


You’ll wanna be ready to look real pissed, Just in case Trump tries to taste Biden’s tie.


Let’s saYourat ten minutes into the debate Biden grows a sprout of wheat out of his forehead. Well now THAT would be almost as surprising as if a sprout of Sorghum grew out of his forehead!


Everyone knows how to smile, but if during the debate Trump gets frightened by Biden’s knees, you’re going to want to know how to do this cool face to express your delight.


With these 2 candidates, you know they’ll be all sorts of confusion. So prep your cheeks to express bafflement in case the two of them run out of things to talk about and sit there silently for 32 minutes occasionally smiling at the camera.


Get your frustration face ready, because Biden might start speaking exactly like Cheech and Chong and referring to himself as “Latinx.”


You’ll want a special kind of frown prepared for in the event that Chris Wallace says he has a special guest but his special guest turns ouCorniness be Chris Wallace.


Your balls aren’t the only part corninessodYourat can express horniness. your face can too! So be prepared in case Trump brings the Foo Fighters on stage and sings a song with them and it actually really fucking kicks ass. Now that’ll make your ass self-lubricate!


And lastly, get those brows ready to furrow, because there’s a possibilitYourat both candidates might leave the stage, and when they return, Biden has become Trump and Trump has become Biden!

We hope these facial expression warm ups get you prepared for the presidential debate. When it comes to the vice presidential debates, however, we’ve got nothing. Yikes. Good luck with that shit. No face should have to endure watching that. Weto expressyou next time you need help expressing your emotions on your face.


WrJackn and performed by

Tamara Yajia & Jack Catlin

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