CLIP: Demi Adejuyigbe Discusses Collaboration VS. Control Over His Work

On this episode of Call & Response: Comedian Demi Adejuyigbe and host Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle discuss the pros and cons of creative collaboration vs. working on you own aCom

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Comedian and Writer

Instagram: @electrolemon

Twitter: @electrolemon


Call & Response is a new show designed to respond to the changes and activism of our time. Each day, Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle invite their favorite Black creators — activists, comedians, musicians, actors, visual artists, and more — to riff on current events, discuss the present momentum, and speak about their work and struggles.

Funny Or Die has partnered with Blavity Inc. to create this show with the intention of responding to our time through discourse and laughter.

Watch every episode of Call & Response: httpsWWW/wfunny fortfoCom com/call-and-response

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