CALL & RESPONSE: Protesting Through Art

Today’s conversation will insure protesting throughout art. Including special guests Dulcé Sloan (Comedian & Correspondent on”Daily Show with Trevor Noah”),Uzo Aduba (Actress,”Mrs. America” on Hulu &”Orange Is The New Black”), Shy (House of Ebony ballroom actress, featured on HBO’s”Legendary”) and more! Hosted by Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle.


  • Shy stops working the KiKi Drag Scene, Drag Ballroom civilization, ” the house-ballroom community and also the significance of these distances at the LGBTQIA community
  • How Shy became a part ofo this House of Ebony
  • The advantages of this Kiki Ballroom dance spectacle becoming main stream
  • Understanding the Un-Equal outrage in a reaction to discriminate from Black men . Black LGBTQIA people (Shy)
  • How to demonstrate service to Black LGBTQIA with admiration and acknowledgement (Shy)
  • Dulcé Sloan speaks frankly about the way she believes about New York
  • Dulcé Sloan talks discusses working with quarantine via hard-core crafting and how earning, dispersing and bartering homemade masks meant to safeguard people from COVID can be just a type of art and demonstration supporting cyberspace.
  • Dulcé Sloa why white individuals will need to quit requesting Black folks to coach them instead talk and get up for their own white innocence and also do exactly the task to dismantle oppressive white approaches
  • Uzo Aduba conveys her disappointment ever repeating itself from the senseless violence and murder toward Black men and women, her frustration of this absence of varied and proper leadership & expressing black men and women must not be responsible for mending racism because the procedures oppressing Black individuals were created with white people
  • How ancient censorship, mass incarceration and the senseless killing of Black individuals have held the Black area straight by the international effect of hindering an whole race of individuals from victory (Uzo Aduba)
  • How Uzo Aduba’s heritage brought her into your decisions she earns now since a celebrity
  • What Uzo Aduba heard from acting Shirley Chisholm about”Mrs. America” (FX on Hulu)
  • Uzo Aduba is amazed survive atmosphere from CCH Pounder
  • CCH Pounder discusses just how a typical frequently contributes to the incredible, the way George Floyd’s murder has cause exceptional modifications, and the way that humans have skill to produce big shift.
  • CCH Pounder supports the Black community into”dream bigger” as it has to do with representation on social websites
  • CCH Pounder shows the significance of line tone and delivery being a celebrity and the way that it reflects every thing about the personality you’re protraying
  • The art Patrick Waldemar, Kara Walkers as well as other musicians are creating because of George Floyd’s murder, and the need for art throughout a historical time & art can motivate activism (CCH Pounder)
  • The significance of Black individuals accepting every thing about your self and that means that you can take up distance at the world (CCH Pounder)



Dulcé Sloan explains why white individuals will need to keep in touch with eachother to make change for everyone else

Uzo Aduba is amazed survive air by her own idol CCH Pounder

The Un-Equal outrage in regards to crimes against Black LGBTQIA people


Shy • House of Ebony ballroom celebrity, featured on HBO’s”Legendary”

Twitter: @ShyDachamp

Instagram: @ShyDachamp

Dulcé Sloan • Comedian & Correspondent on”Daily Show with Trevor Noah”

Twitter: @dulcesloan

Instagram: @dulcesloan

Facebook: @dulcesloan


Uzo Aduba • Actress,”Mrs. America” on Hulu &”Orange Is The New Black”

Twitter: @UzoAduba

Instagram: @uzoaduba

Facebook: @uzo.aduba

CCH Pounder • American-Guyanese celebrity

Twitter: @CCHPounder

Instagram: @cchpounder


Call & Response can be just a fresh show made to answer the changes and activism of the period. Daily, Baron and Mike will encourage their preferred Black founders — activists, comedians, musicians, actors, musicians, visual artists, and much more — to riff on current affairs, share the current momentum, and also talk in their conflicts and work.

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