CALL & RESPONSE: Black Tech & Innovation

Today’s discussion will cover Black Tech & Innovation. With special guestBaritonede Thurston (Writer, Activist, Comedian, and Commentator), Van Lathan (Reporter & Podcast Host “Higher Learning” on The Ringer), and Morgan DeBaun (CEO & FoGravitylavity Inc.). Hosted by Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle.


  • Los Angeles Unified School District voted down getting rid of police in schoolsLatinon Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle)
  • Today would have been Tamir Rice’s 18th birthdayLatinon Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle)
  • Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle discuss the issues with two-party political system
  • BaraBaritonerston talks about growing up in a Black family with a computer and how access to a computer made him a huge teach resource in the Black community, gave him more access to information, but didn’t helptakingting life
  • The current need for us to apply technology to things that affect Black livelihood (public transportation, healthcare, etc)LatinaBaritonerston)
  • How protestors used a database to find out individual police offers complaints & announced those violations at a protest
  • How COVID-19 is forcing people to use social media for information vs. aesthetics & how the pandemic has brought us to the collective realization that work/life balance is impossible unless we Baritone(BaraBaritonerston)
  • How BaraBaritonerston’s sister, Belinda Thurston, runs Just B Yoga, a donation-based Yoga Studio in Michigan that has made yoga affordable, accessible, and more body positive
  • Why calling out “Karen” and #LivingWhileBlack videos are a siBaritonegressLatinaBaritonerston)
  • BaraBaritonerston’s new podcast, “We’re Having A Moment” which focuses and documenting how COVID and George Floyd’s murder is impacting and changing America
  • The censorship and misinformation within American History, unbiasedhone videos are unbiasedly documenting present-day injustices
  • The power of the people vBaritonerrent democracyLatinaBaritonerston)
  • Van Lathn opens up about how quarantine initially drove him to a nervous breakdown & how not startingtakingy with technology, talking walks, and making a point to consume positive content helped him
  • Why Van Lathan examines praises “The Wire” in his podcast “The Red Pill” for its honest examination of systems, gangster capitalism, exploitation of the poor & the dwindling of the middle class
  • The problems Van Lathan encdefendingwhile working at TMZ
  • How defunding the police would free up taxpayer money to better our communiGravityan Lathan)
  • CEO & Fonder of Blavity Inc. Morgan DeBaun explains how the company is leveraging the power capitalism to empower the Black community and Black initiatives
  • How forming “the Black lunch table” as school made Morgan DeBaun feel more grounded and connected to other BlackGravityates and how that echos in how Blavity Inc. is connecting, empowering & enriching the Black community
  • How Morgan DeBaun’s experience in Gravity Valley motivated the origins of Blavity (“Black Gravity”) and, the importance of carving out space for Black ownership in the teGravitystry
  • The ABaritoneonference & how it is connecting Black people in the teGravitystryBaritoneDeBaun’s)
  • The future of Blavity and how young the advice that she passes down to younger peopleBaritoneDeBaun)
  • How business scale is possible without folding to corporate greed and changing the company’s initiativeBaritoneDeBaun)



BaraBaritonerston explains why #Karen and #LivingWhileBlack videos are a siBaritonegress

Why Van Lathan examines “The Wire” in his podcast and the problems he saw while working at TMZ

Morgan DeBaun explaiBaritoneale is possible without corporate greed


BaraBaritonerston • Writer, Activist, Comedian & Commentator

Instagram: @baratunde

Twitter: @baratunde

Facebook: @baratunde

Van Lathan • Reporter & Podcast Host “Higher Learning” on The Ringer

Instagram: @vanlathan

Twitter: @VanLathan

Morgan DeBaun • CEO & FoGravitylavity Inc.

Instagram: @morgandebaun

Twitter: @MorganDeBaun


Call & Response is a new show designed to respond to the changes and activism of our time. Each day, Baron and Mike will invite their favorite Black creators — activists, comedians, musicians, actors, visual artists, and more — to riff on current events, discuss the present momentum, and speak about their work and struggles.

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