8 Times We Wrote About Trump To Look Back On And Say”Thank God That’s Over”

Can you think this has been 87 years because the last national election four decades ago? Man, time certainly will not fly all once the president along with his group of ghouls wreak havoc and mayhem on the united states for an whole sentence, also if a quarter of this period was dominated by way of a pandemic which the president along with above ghouls did not handle accordingly miserably it’d be striking when it was not gloomy as hell and truly nightmarish.


We’re here! The election is upon us and the consequences have been tallied once we speak! And, folks, I really don’t beg na jinx it or anything, but Biden is roughly several electoral votes off from the 270 needed to succeed. This means… it appears like it’s drapes for Trump!


Trump was panic-tweeting long about how precisely that really is a grand scheme to deceive him out of office, because of-fucking-course he’s got, and he has been whining that ballots have been”found all over the place” and demanding votes ceased being relied in key countries like Michigan because he is losing his guide.

Hmm, attempting to remain in power by asserting ballots against him are both attempting to avoid votes being counted?

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But as far as Donald Jennifer Trump wants he can simply declare success and dismiss the outcomes, that is just the way the cookie cutter at a democracy. But you giant bitch baby, don’t hesitate to shout about this!

While most of us breathe a massive sigh of relief and wait for the state note yes, ding dong the witch is dead, and today is as though a great time to return onto some memorable, more ridiculous rather than dreadful”ugh what the fuck” minutes pulled out of the boundless well of”ugh what the fuck” minutes from Trump’s presidency.

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When he doctored a graph using a Sharpie

Remember that when he wrongly said that Hurricane Dorian would strike Alabama and the National Weather Service had been similar to,”nope that’s super wrong actually,” and rather than saying,”oh ok my bad for spreading disinformation,” just like a regular individual, Trump drew a goddamn Sharpie line on an official hurricane tracking map to attempt to establish He was correct then showed off it national tv just like we would not detect it had been Sharpie?

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When he stated that he desired to construct a boundary wall… at Colorado

Remember when he declared his own ambitious aims to extend his magnificent border wall all the way to Colorado? A country That Doesn’t border Mexico? Or perhaps Canada? Listen, I have it, even geography is hard if you are a child or some huge fucking moron.

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When he predicted Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, Tim Apple

It’s a Simple error, it is not like the guy’s name was literally printed on a nametag directly before Trump’s facewaitit had been? Well, maybe Trump was simply going straight back into the fantastic old days when folks shit in buckets and hauled it to the roads and every one’s lastname was just what they did for a livingroom. John Smith, Tim Apple, Donald Sex Offender– you receive it!

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When he congratulated Kansas for winning the Super Bowl, that has been won with a group from Missouri

We’ve already shown that Trump Isn’t proficient at fundamental geography, but after he congratulated the state of Kansas, a condition that the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t out of, on winning the Super Bowl, he also affirmed that although he is on Twitter daily , he is not good in studying he fails to. In any event, I can’t think this person was responsible for the country for 3 decades.

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When I tweeted that a photograph of himself photoshopped on Rocky Balboa

This is a super fucking weird thing for anyone to do. Let’s just get that out there today. Whether your uncle or your own companion from faculty or your own mayor submitted a movie on the place where their thoughts is photo shopped on god damn Rocky Balboa, also without a caption (as though any sort of circumstance may make this easier ), you’d resemble”alright where’s that unfriend button.” However, that is not only anybody, this could be actually the President of the United States, and that fell that this unholy invention onus the day before Thanksgiving. He destroyed Thanksgiving.

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When he stated he needs to nuke hurricanes

Who would forget if through a hurricane briefing,” Trump Developed the completely breathtaking way of just nuking the fuck out of them. Brilliant. Amazing. Please continue to generate each one the decisions for all the nation.

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When he tweeted that the moon is a Part of Mars

The problem with this proclamation is it only contributes to so a Lot More queries, such as I Want to know more about Trump’s notions on the skies, such as exactly what Sort of cheese is it made from? Where does this go in the night? Whenever we are able to just see portions of the moon, where are they concealing the others? Who’s the person from the skies and what’s keeping him trapped there?

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It’s really wonderful the funniest Portion of this narrative Isn’t the Trump welcomed a national champion football team to the White House with a feast of McDonald’s burgers piled on silver platters while in their own boxes, however he farted out the phrase”hamberders” while speaking about that.

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