5 TikToks You’ll Resonate With If You’ve Been Obsessively Refreshing Your Feed For Election Results

The Election has been November 3rd, however here we have been about November 6th still awaiting results.

So while we wait patiently for your votes must be relied (and recounted ), here are a couple of TikToks which represent our collective impatience and humor because we wait to figure out the future of the nation.

inch . ) People getting shocked we have to rely on ALL OF THE VOTES before calling the election


for legal purposes it really is a laugh and love my Country as well as also our Supreme Ruler!!!!

♬ original sound – Bi Thot

It’s like we’re attempting to really have a functioning democracy or some thing…

2. ) Reporters hardcore improvising throughout live broadcasts due to the fact that they don’t have any fresh outcomes, but need to keep on reporting because we all DEMAND 24 hour news.


BREAKING NEWS FROM THE POLLS. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #election #election2020 #MyRecommendation

♬ original sound – Caitlin Reilly

They really are the heroes we all want (but do not deserve).

3. ) Nevada accepting WAY TO LONG to rely on their own mail-in ballots, therefore legally we must create fun of these until they declare their outcome



♬ original sound – mieyuhh

Maybe the main rationale Nevada is taking as long to rely on their votes is as they are too busy watching each of the hot Nevada memes getting generated.

4. ) Staying neutral on your societal networking articles is now hopeless



♬ original sound – gracie maples

May too let people understand that side of history YOU stood before the consequences have been finalized!

5. ) Your nervousness has pushed you to act erratically


By a series of hands that is ✨completely unprepared ✨?? ‍ ♀️ ‍♀️ #election #meleaving #vote #votehimout #fyp #biden2020 #votejoe

♬ original sound – Syd & Olivia

It’s similar to The Purge, however rather than what being authorized, we are not permitted to estimate each other because of our ridiculous coping mechanisms.

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