3 TikTok Creators That Are ✨Actually✨ Funny & The Latest On The TikTok Ban


. There’s individuals who have ✨COMEDIC TALENT✨around TikTok? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?

Yes, yes there really is. A good deal of it is actually. However, I understand why you may not believe that there really is.

Unlike other societal networking programs – TikTok provides editing programs within the program – that means nearly anybody with a mobile can create a more TikTok

Ew… anybody can produce a TikTok? That has to mean there’s a great deal of crappy articles on such program. LOLOLOLOL – THAT’S WHERE YOU’RE WRONG!!

Because TikTok gives everybody the tools that they will need to be considered a founder AND has made a stage where cell-phone content is distinguished, founders who never experienced that accessibility to editing and film equipment (which frees them by having the ability to not be dismissed on different programs ) suddenly possess the capacity to create viral articles, that usually means you are seeing founders who don’t triumph – ACTUALLY SUCCEED!


Your browser doesn’t encourage HTML5 video.

Are you feeling warm and fuzzy as though I am? Good, because today I wish to reveal three of these funniest stories I’ve run into this week: Snarky Mark, Benito Skinner, also Emma Langevin.

*TikTok ban upgrade: Usually I place the prohibit upgrades here, however I’m moving it on the base of this content since there’s week’s update is somewhat longer. Scroll to the bottom for It!

Snarky Marky • 3.8M followers (@snarkymarky)


POV: you are around the bus ride back into school after having a fieldtrip and also the educator will be yelling at you as your class is overly dull #viral

♬ original sound – snarkymarky

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

TRIGGER WARNING: Mark’s videos WILL provide you flashbacks of one’s traumatizing middle school memories – BUT his articles is indeed funny it’s wholly worthwhile. Mark depends exclusively on his own voice and physicality to produce viral and hilarious parodies of normal people – educators, parents, higher school bullies, etc.. He’s brilliant character comedian who’s certainly going to be probably one of the very remarkable future hosts of Saturday Night Live.

when your mom takes thirty minutes to say goodbye and leave someone’s house

POV: the toxic girls approach you at recess in 4th grade

what school in 2020 will be like

Benito Skinner • 515K followers (@bennydrama7)


I really like his mom much #MyBFF #fyp

♬ Chun-Li (Originally Performed by Nicki Minaj) – Karaoke Version – Hit The Button Karaoke

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If Mad TV might possibly be embodied in to a individual, it’d be Benito Skinner. He’s just a walking variety sketch series, He parodies pop culture icons (Hilary Duff, the Karadashians, Taylor Swift’s new album Forklore, and so forth ) while additionally creating relatable LGBTQ+ sketch humor. To put it simply: Benito Skinner gets got the choice.

Me as a parent

~~LeT’s StAy HoMe~~

Jenni the TMI hair stylist <3

Emma Langevin • 811k followers (@emmalangevin)


#fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – emmalangevin

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If Vine, MySpace, along with punkrock might possibly be viewed as an individual, it’d be Emma Langevin. Emma has old internet energy using Gen Z degree wokeness: she puts her up mobile, lets her face load out the screen, also delivers jokes which you will see (and laugh ) repeatedly, quotation with your buddies, and also consider getting tattooed onto the body.

why the dead deer on the side of the road is usually a doe

instagram usernames vs display names

I’m soooo quirky 🙂


Until a couple of days ago,” Microsoft has been the front runner for acquiring TikTok, however currently Oracle is officially started obtaining TikTok and Trump has openly shown his service with this particular acquisition. This leaves me worried as Oracle’s executive chairman, Larry Ellison, is just a HUGE Trump supporter (that the dude threw a fund raising event for Trump that caused Oracle employees to stage a walkout). Much like, we all understand Trump continues to be buttocks hurt that TikTok teens and Kpop fans ruined his racist rally in Tusla, therefore the concept that TikTok may be acquired with an organization whose biggest stake holder is that a Trump supporter gives me worry about TikTok’s future.

HOWEVER – in case Oracle (or anything company) accelerates TikTok renders the stage and allows its own employees, founders, and also advertisers to continue on business as usual – as we’re chill.

TikTok has jeopardized sue the Trump management over the prohibit for all reasons:

  • The banning will be probably unconstitutional & breaking our liberty of address
  • There is not any evidence (or proof) which TikTok is lending data to China OR tracking any further data compared to other societal networking platform
  • The ban could unexpectedly (and unconstitutionally) put a lot of US employees (and founders across the globe ) out of job IN THE MIDDLE A GLOBAL PANDEMIC

So yeah… the long run of TikTok continues to be unclear. ¯_(ツ)_/ / ¯ Come back for further updates!


Trump supports a TikTok acquisition by Oracle, whose chairman is a major supporter (Business Insider)

Oracle Employees Walk Out to Protest Chairman Larry Ellison’s Trump Fundraiser (Time)

TikTok threatens to sue the Trump administration over the executive order barring US firms from doing business with its parent (Business Insider)

TikTok says Trump’s ban attempt shows ‘no adherence to the law’ (The Verge)

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